• Company report

Company reports including a business model and strategy synopsis, financial forecasts, equity valuation and key sensitivities. The company report will be a 15-25 page report with a complete earnings model with forward numbers giving a detailed analysis of a company and its business environment. The report will focus on key areas such as forward earnings potential and financial health, management capabilities, business explanation and environment. The earnings model will contain three years forward numbers plus historical data as far back as we can go. We will also project out the balance sheet and cash flow.

  • Sector Report

The sector report will be a 50-75 page report introducing a sector and the key companies to investors. The sector report will cover key sectors in the market and will cover the business, legal and economic environment in which the sector operates.

  • Vietnamese Macro economic report

Macro economic report would help invetors to have a broad view about Vietnamese economic environment as well as its movement

MN Capital provide in-depth financial research aiming to maximize the company’s investment case exposure, improve visibility and increase investor understanding. MN will be offering a comprehensive product range of company reports, sectors reports, and Vietnamese¬† macro economic reports.

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