About Us

M&N Capital is an independent, investor relations consultancy and investment research firm. As a golden bridge between investors and Vietnam market, M&N Capital focus on private equity investment projects with fastest growth, especially consumer driven business such as retail, restaurants, consumer product, media/film production, architecture and interior design,..

With 300,000 SMEs, often led by family-level entrepreneurs, Vietnam offers great potential for private equity investors. M&N aim to provide unique insights, investment opportunities in Vietnam, Our strength lies in our ability to identify fast-growing companies with ambitious expansion plans, and a strong commitment to building management teams that will apply best practices and successfully execute on those expansion plans. These companies are typically well-established companies in their sectors, but which typically operate in fragmented and fast growing markets which present attractive growth opportunities

When you choose to work with M&N, you know that you are working with people who have the solutions and answers to get the job done.

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